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We provide a full range of ventilation and cooling solutions, and provide competitive prices according to customers' drawings and specifications.

We are experts in ambient ventilation and cooling, offering wholesale and custom OEM services for industrial ceiling fans, mobile fans, wall fans, mobile fans and water cooled air conditioners. If you are an individual or reseller customer, you can contact us for a quote!


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We are one of the most powerful industrial fan suppliers in China, We provide high-quality industrial fans at the most competitive price.

KF serise HVLS big ceiling fan16 FT-24 FT

KF series is independently developed and designed by Julai. The precision manufacturing conforms to dynamics, hydrodynamic fan blades, large-area soft air supply, and effectively enhances the comfort of the body.

OF serise HVLS big ceiling fan16 FT-24 FT

The "OF" series is independently developed by Julai. It adopts imported motors and has the characteristics of low speed, large air volume, low noise and low energy consumption. It is suitable for many fields such as industry, commerce and so on .

FR serise PMSM industril big ceiling fan16 FT-24 FT

The "FR" series is a new industrial ceiling fan with PMSM technology independently developed by Julai . It adopts domestic first-class military quality permanent magnet motors and is mainly suitable for various public places, commercial places and so on.

FL serise PMSM commercial ceiling fan10 FT-13 FT

The "FL" series is a new type of industrial large fan with permanent magnet synchronous motor technology independently developed by Julai Ventilation. It has a more textured appearance design and is mainly suitable for various low-altitude places of 3-6M.

AY serise wall mounted big fan 2 m & 6.5 FT

AY wall-mounted fans are tailor-made for complex environments that are not suitable for fan hoisting. They can be used in places where ceiling fan installation space is not ideal due to ceiling structure, load-bearing, driving and other limitations.

YD serise movable big fan 2 m & 6.5 FT

YD movable fan is a freely movable large air volume fan with large air volume, wide coverage area and low energy consumption. It adopts universal wheel design and can be freely moved indoors and outdoors wherever ventilation is needed.

Manufacturer of the world's most solutions


We are experts in ventilation and cooling. Through the combination of industrial ceiling fans, mobile fans, water energy air conditioners, and negative pressure fans, we can solve the problems of high ambient temperature, large industrial dust, and high cooling costs in factory workshops.

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Manufacturer of the world's most solutions


The combination of industrial ceiling fans and negative pressure fans is one of the best ways to solve the ventilation and cooling of logistics warehouses. Ensuring that the warehouses are dry and ventilated is conducive to better preservation of materials. Industrial large fans are favored by dealers for their advantages of low speed, low noise, and large air volume.

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Industrial large fans are also popular in commercial places, such as schools, churches, gyms, repair shops, shops, and other places that can use industrial fans.

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June 06.30

The HVIST fan was invented by a joint venture between a US and a Chinese company in 1999. After almost 20 years of development, various industrial fans with different numbers of blades have emerged. Currently, domestically and internationally, industrial fans mainly come in three-blade, four-blade, five-blade, six-blade, and eight-blade configurations. In theory, the more blades a fan has, the greater the airflow. However, since industrial fans are generally larger in size, more blades also mean more weight and increased safety risks. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a good balance between airflow and quality. Currently, industrial fans with five or six blades are most popular on the market. These two types are also the main products promoted abroad and have been market-certified for over a decade. As long as manufacturers strictly require high quality and safety for the blades, they can meet market demand.